Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 2010 Round Up

Whoa, really? It's almost been 2 months since I've been here. Well no matter all the many reasons why... I'm back to tell our story from March 2010.

Cooper and Corbin are 5 weeks away now from turning 4 years old. Seriously?! Stop the growing! You are taller than TALL these days. Corbin weighs 39 pounds and Cooper 37.

Both boys got sick this month with sinus infection and a nasty cough and cold. We got to visit our new pediatrican for the first time. Of course, you both were charming and made it fun. This was the first time either of you had been sick since in 5+ months. We've been healthy around here! Hooray!

We moved the boys into big boy booster car seats. It's been an adjustment for everyone. As always I just pray they are kept safe while riding in the car. We hope to adventure on a very long rode trip to Colorado in a few months. Riding for hours no doubt will take some self control for these two busy boys. We all love the leap frog TAG book and playing on our computers will help pass some of the time.

My laptop pooped out on my again in March so I am very slowly getting caught up in editing, ordering, journaling pictures. There's not a day I don't take some pictures, which is awesome but also becomes a job to edit, order, print, organize, scrapbook, frame, etc.

The boys completed their first month of swim lessons. They are still a ways off from "connecting the dots" but hopefully they are learning those life long swim skills to keep them safe around water.

This was my last month working for Kaler. I was sorta sad to see the work end but understand that's life. I just feel thankful I was able to continue to work some from home while I did. Who knows what it's store next?

Jason Bleeker came to visit us from Atlanta, GA. It was so great to see him, even though it was only for a little while. I know he and Adam were grateful for the time to chat.

We finally got a new car this month!! Thanks to our precious neighbors who are also our car salesman and dentist :) Life is good! Adam worked so hard to make it happen. Thanks babe for all you do so we can stay home together and play. You're the best!!

Until next time,



  1. Thanks for the sweet comment!
    Your family is absolutely adorable!

  2. Your boys are so cute! And based on when you posted this...they are now 4...is that right? If not, soon...and they do grow up way too fast.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!